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“ A note of thanks for all you have done to help my wife cope with the pain.
At the end of the day it is nice to know there are still good people in the world. ”

I am very thankful that I found the Washington Center for Pain Management and will continue to spread the word about Dr. Mambalam to all the people that I come across who are also suffering from chronic pain.

I had pain every day that radiated all throughout my body...The pain I had after the accident has gone away completely since I had the implant.

Dr.Dhesi was very sympathetic and quite through in finding out how bad the Osteoporosis had become and discussed several options we could try. To say I'm over the moon at finding this lovely doctor is underestimating how I feel at the moment. I can highly recommend Dr.Dhesi and the WCFPM to anyone.

I now have a job and feel like a productive member of society again. My family tells me I am a much happier person and not so quick to snap at people, I find that it seems to be sunnier in my life, and couldn't be happier!

I suffer from Cluster Headaches and they have helped me cope with that excruciating and terribly painful condition. I appreciate them for caring and helping me cope. They are all so helpful and caring individuals, from those at the front desk to the medical professionals. Kudos to them all! Well done!

I have truly appreciated the support, advice and guidance as provided by Dr. M. and now have a sense of promise that I can have a better quality of life for both myself and my family.

We approach Pain Management with the Highest QualityMost Technologically AdvancedMultidisciplinary Approach.

Our mission is to be the acknowledged leader in the Pacific Northwest, in comprehensive Pain Management.

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