But what is Stem Cell Therapy, really?

When faced with options for your health, the wording and descriptions can be overwhelming. Our team does their best to describe everything in real people language in a way that everyone can understand fully. That way, you have more control over your care plan. After all, knowledge is power, right?  

So when the time comes and you are ready to choose a path, with the guidance of your care team, you will be ready. However, sometimes it’s been a long day and you need a refresher for all the information you were given. 

One topic that we talk about A LOT is Stem Cell Therapy. In very simple terms, Stem Cell Therapy is when a physician takes out bone marrow, fatty tissue, and Platelet Rich Plasma and mixes it in a special machine and then puts it back in a problem area to help the body heal by creating new tissue. This is called regenerative medicine because it helps your body to re-generate healthy tissue and cells. 

Stem Cell Therapy is a great option for a large variety of conditions. Some of the most common areas we see include: Shoulder, Wrist/Hand, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Ankle/Foot, Neck, and Back.

We hope this helps to give you a broad understanding of some medical jargon around Stem Cell. For us, education is just as important as the treatment itself. We encourage all patients to learn about and ask questions about, any courses of treatment they are interested in, have heard about, or are advised on. 

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