The Reed Procedure℠

What is Neurostimulation?

Often referred to as a "pacemaker for pain," this minimally invasive procedure implants neurostimulation leads under the skin and adjacent to the areas of pain, delivering mild electrical pulses to the nerves. The electrical pulses replace the feeling of pain with a tingling or massaging sensation, reducing or eliminating the need for pain medication in patients who are candidates for this treatment.

How does neurostimulation work?

The battery generates a mild, electromagnetic field at the tip of a long wire, connected to the small battery pack and emits electrical pulses to the superficial nerves in the forehead and back of the head. Headache pain is then replaced with a tingling or massaging sensation almost instantly. Medical studies show that while the device is stimulating the superficial nerves, it is also stimulating deep centers in the brain related to the areas important in the modulation and genesis of headaches. Thus, the neurostimulator works in a very safe fashion to stop or prevent headaches from occurring altogether. For patients who positively respond to the trial procedure and move forward with the permanent unit, the response is dramatic and results are often immediate.

Test the Procedure Prior to Having It

We have a short three to seven day, non-invasive test available to determine if the Reed Procedure℠ will work prior to having the permanent stimulator implanted. We believe this option is unique to our treatment and sets the Reed Procedure℠ apart from other migraine treatment options.

Although the Reed Procedure℠ is not currently FDA approved, spinal cord stimulation (SCS) uses the exact same technology and was approved by the FDA in 1989 and is now a standard treatment option for patients with chronic pain in their back and/or limbs who have not found pain relief from other treatments. Additionally, neurostimulation for head pain was granted CE Mark approval for use in Europe in September 2011.

Our Patient Care Process for the Reed Procedure℠

We provide a step-by-step process to help you finally achieve relief from migraine pain. The Reed Procedure℠, our revolutionary neurostimulation implantation procedure for maximum control of migraine pain.

The Reed Procedure℠ process begins when we meet you or by phone You will then schedule your initial medical evaluation with one of our physicians – board-certified pain management specialists, trained in the procedure. Your physician will determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. Our patients typically experience severe headaches 15 or more days per month, and they have not been helped by previous conservative treatments.

If we determine you are a candidate for the Reed Procedure℠, we will help you gain pre-certification from your insurance carrier. The next step will be a 3-7 day trial procedure period where we learn whether neurostimulation will work to control your pain – which occurs in more than 80 percent of the patients who undergo a trial. To learn more about the trial procedure period, please call to schedule an appointment

Are You a Candidate?

Our typical patient experiences frequent, severe and often debilitating head pain that has not responded adequately to other, more conservative treatments.

Many patients attribute chronic head pain to migraine symptoms. However, if you have been diagnosed with any type of chronic headache, we would like to discuss how we might help you find relief using the Reed Procedure℠.

If you are interested in learning more about the Reed Procedure℠ and finding out if you are a candidate, contact us today.

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