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To whom it may concern,

My name is Mike and I have Psoriatic Arthritis. A terrible disease where your immune system attacks your joints and muscles. I can be fine, then wake up for example with my elbow so swollen that the fat literally comes out, or out of the blue my hands swell up and are unusable. The pain is off the charts. So every week I would have a new extremely painful situation, and every day some area of my body would have some pain.

For a few years I did it the hard way. I’d go to the ER over and over, they’d check it then give me perhaps 15 5mg Hydrocodone’s, which is the equivalent to Aspirin for my pain level. My personal doctor was fantastic; she would give me real pain pills, but she was always worried because of the ridiculous laws and intimidation by the state on prescribers of Oxycodone.

When I went to WCFPM, it was nothing but professionalism and empathy. They have heart and understand that daily terrible pain is no way to live. (My online business went out of business as the pain wouldn’t allow me to work, and I was broke). They give you a psychological exam, interview you, and then give you a prescription. Oh how wonderful, common sense! A man is in consistent, incredible pain and they not just give you pills, but they in my case literally gave me my life back! My business turned around, in fact thrived as I had the energy and low pain. I made enough money to attend a trade show in Las Vegas, and then took my son on his dream vacation to Washington DC. 

My provider, Peter Peng treats me with dignity and respect, he actually CARES that I am in pain, and is an angel to give me my life back. My son is happy, I am happy, how do you say thanks for literally going from lying in bed watching your business die to having it thrive? To do things normal people do? To be able to go out and shop for Christmas gifts? My business is so successful that our product is going on television. Without the aid of WCFPM I’d still be in bed in agony, my son sad, and no money.

If you have a real ailment, one that is debilitating and has robbed you of your life, make an appointment with WCFPM, health should be between a doctor and patient.


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