Leg Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Chronic progressive disease that commonly affects the extremities by causing severe pain, swelling, and noticeable changes in the skin.  The cause of CRPS is unknown, but is thought to be a result from damage to the nervous or circulatory system.  Blood flow and sensation are no longer properly regulated and may cause various problems in the muscles, bones, nerves, and skin.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Nerve pain associated with diabetes mellitus causing microvascular injury to blood vessels and coincidentally the nerves in the legs.  Symptoms normally develop over years and include numbness/tingling of the extremities, abnormal sensation, visual disturbances, muscle weakness, and burning or shock-like pain.

Phantom Limb Pain
Residual pain in an extremity post-amputation.  Even though the limb may be gone, the brain can still interpret pain signals from the nerve endings at the site of amputation.  In some cases, the brain can “remember” the pain without the nerve endings being involved.  Symptoms may also include tingling, cramping, & loss of sensation in the portion of the limb that was removed.

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