Diving Deep into the New CDC Guidlines

We know your road to recovery often doesn't start with us. Most of our patients have been struggling with chronic pain and have been seeking help with their primary care providers before finding their way to us. It is a high priority for us to not only serve patients with chronic pain, but to be a resource for all medical staff on the topic of chronic pain. We strive to keep consistent open channels of communication with referring doctors and the general medical community to ensure your health and happiness is always the top priority.

Recently, the CDC released guidelines for Primary Care Providers with regards to Opiod Prescribing. After fielding many questions from our PCP friends, we invited them to come have dinner with us for an evening of learning, discussing, and diving deep into the new information.

Our award winning provider Hyun Hong, MD shared the guidelines from the CDC and talked through them with additional excerpts from his professional experience and how we handle challenges at our clinics. The most influential part of the evening was the thoughtful, deep questions that the medical community shares surrounding prescribing opiods. It was very clear that everyone in the room held patient care and safety with the highest regard and was continuously eager to learn even more ways to be an advocate and ally for patients. 

Regardless of what path it took for you to find us, we hope you know that we work hard every day to ensure all of those steps have the right resources and information for you to receive top notch patient care. That way, even if your road to recovery didn't start with us, you can trust we will do everything we can to help you find your way back to your healthiest, happiest self. 


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