Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies have been used for hundreds of years before the evolution of modern medicine. These therapies still have practicality in today’s approach to treating the whole body by developing strength, increasing flexibility, decreasing muscle spasms, and demonstrating proper body mechanics. As a result, your provider may suggest acupuncture, chiropractics, massage therapy, or sleep medicine consultation.


Massage therapists utilize a holistic approach that encompasses the whole body. Years of research have shown that massage therapy can be an effective part of pain relief and management by providing long-lasting soft tissue relief for patient suffering from several chronic conditions from low back pain to headaches.

There are several ways that massage can help your pain. Relaxation of muscle tissue may lead to increased flexibility and range of motion, decreased nerve compression, as well as decreased joint pressure. By improving circulation, more nutrients and oxygen can reach damaged cell to both nourish and eliminate waste. Dull aches and tight muscles (knots) can also be eliminated to aid in pain relief. From enhancing energy and vitality to physical relaxation, massage therapy may provide various health benefits in addition to your current therapy regimen.

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