Frequently Asked Questions

First Appointment

Where are you located/how do I get to your office?

We have multiple locations throughout the Greater Seattle Area. You can click here to be taken to a map and directions to our Pain Management Clinics.

What do I need for my first appointment?

You will need to bring the completed paperwork you received from the Washington Center for Pain Management (either via mail or you can download here) as well as your driver’s license, insurance card and any pertinent imaging. The staff at the Washington Center for Pain Management will have already obtained your previous physicians notes.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

Your first appointment at the Washington Center for Pain Management is a consultation. You will see one of our experienced and highly-trained doctors. They will review your past chart notes and imaging, perform an exam, and create a personalized treatment plan for your individual pain management needs.

How long will my first appointment take?

The length of your first appointment will depend upon the complexity of your case. Typically patients spend 40 minutes with the doctor. We advise all of our new patients to allot two hours for their initial appointment.

Can I have an injection on the same day as my consult?

A patient’s first appointment is meant solely as a consult and does not typically involve an injection. However, should the circumstances call for it and there is room on the schedule this is a possibility.

Will you prescribe pain medications for me?

We are primarily an interventional pain clinic and, while we do sometimes utilize medications in conjunction with injections as a way of controlling pain, we do not typically prescribe medication as a sole means of treatment. However, we look at everyone’s case individually. We can address your questions at the time of your first visit.

Checking In

Why am I asked to fill out paperwork at every visit?

The providers at the Washington Center for Pain Management ask that you make them aware, via questionnaires, how you’re feeling at every visit so that they can better assess your progress and treatment. For injections, you will also be asked to read and sign a consent form and agreement that you will not operate a motor vehicle (if you are receiving conscious sedation). Filling out this paperwork is an important part of your visit with our providers.

Will there be a significant wait time?

The Washington Center for Pain Management is constantly at work to improve our systems to better serve you, our patient. However, at times delays are unavoidable. The staff at the Washington Center for Pain Management will do our absolute best to keep our patients informed of any delay they can expect in the start of their appointment time.


What are the effects of conscious sedation?

The effects of IV sedation can be felt for up to 24 hours and include: loss of memory, drowsiness, reduced motor control and impaired judgment

Do I have to bring a driver with me to my appointment?

For patients planning on getting conscious sedation, it is very important that you bring a driver with you to your appointment. Receiving conscious sedation will leave a patient unable and illegal to operate a motor vehicle. While you may have your driver pick you up after your appointment, we ask that they also check in with you to sign our driver verification form

Can I eat or drink anything before an injection?

For patients planning on having conscious sedation, you MAY NOT eat or drink anything within four hours of your scheduled appointment. This is required to lessen the possibility of aspiration during your procedure.

What should I do with my post-procedure diary?

Some injections are diagnostic in nature. This means that our providers are using the injection to determine exactly what nerves are causing your pain. The post-procedure diary is designed to help patients monitor the effectiveness of the injection which will tell our providers if they located the correct nerves.

How much will my out-of-pocket be for this injection and how much do you charge for an injection?

Variations in insurance contracts make the answer different for every procedure and patient. Patients may contact our billing office at (425) 678-8693, option 4 where they can receive CPT codes for their upcoming procedures. Patients will then need to contact their insurance companies to learn what their out-of-pocket expenses will be.