Blue Zones

Blue Zones? What are they and how can it impact your life? Below you will read about a few areas in the world where people live astonishingly long and active lives.

So far, five Blue Zones have been confirmed: • In the rural, mountainous region of Barbagia, Sardinia, Italy, people are working as shepherds well into and past their seventies, and not infrequently becoming centenarians. • The island of Okinawa, Japan, has the highest concentration of centenarians in the world, despite having weathered years of subjugation by invaders as well as widespread famine during and after World War II. • Tucked into the polluted confines of greater Los Angeles, the city of Loma Linda is home to a community of nine thousand Seventh Day Adventists, currently the longest-living group of people in America. • Icaria, Greece, has the highest percentage of ninety-year-olds on the planet, a cancer rate 20 percent lower than the rest of Greece, and almost no dementia.
From the Book Secrets of those who live long lives
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