About Us

Welcome to the Washington Center for Pain Management

At the Washington Center for Pain Management you’ll find passionate providers, dedicated to treating and improving the quality of life of our patients. We’re proud to take a multidisciplinary approach to our care plans, which has been proven to be the most effective way to minimize pain and restore functionality. We focus on physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of chronic pain, in order to empower each individual patient to take back control of their lives. 

While our ultimate goal is to successfully return an enjoyable quality of life to each of our patients, we also aim to be acknowledged as the pain management leader in the Pacific Northwest. 

Who We Are: 

We are a practice made up of award-winning anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, and mental health providers. Our providers and staff work collaboratively to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. We value our collaborative approach to care, and our providers often communicate with each other regarding second opinions on different cases. At the Washington Center for Pain Management, our patients benefit from the experience of our entire practice, not only their direct care team. Our providers and staff are united in their passion for care, and are dedicated to empowering patients and restoring quality of life. 


What We Do: 

We are committed to providing not only the highest quality care, but also the most technologically advanced pain management services. Pain management has progressed rapidly over recent years, and we are proud to offer the latest innovations to help care for our patients. Our experienced providers are well versed in new technology such as advancements in spinal cord stimulation and vertebral spacers.

We also utilize “tried and true” methods for managing chronic pain, such as nerve blocks and ablations. At the Washington Center for Pain Management, we understand the value of integrating new ideas with accepted and proven methods. We know that no solution will be right for every patient, and our providers are dedicated to finding a solution that addresses each individual patient’s needs. If you think you could benefit from our comprehensive approach to pain management, give us a call today!


To be a Centers for Excellence in Spine Care, Musculoskeletal Care and Chronic Pain Management; exploring all avenues including advancements of science and medicine.



To provide compassionate care to patients suffering with chronic pain; utilizing multidisciplinary approaches with balance and safety to increase functional capacity and quality of life.